What happens in an Internet Minute?

Ever wonder what happens in a minute on Internet? Have a look at the above image, you would be thrilled for sure!

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How to make your website an asset?

Does your company have a website? It probably does, and if you are like most companies, you probably use your website much like a brochure – a way to simply display information about your products and services to anyone who  Read more ›

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Company Facebook Page

An Easy Facebook URL for your company is a great thing, especially for marketing purposes. If you’re the administrator of your Facebook page, then follow these simple steps to shorten your current url. 1. Login to Facebook 2. Go to  Read more ›

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Effectively Use Social Media With Your Website

Integrating Social Media With Your Website With over 215 million active Twitter users, and 1.19 billion monthly active Facebook users, social media has become more and more prominent in a business’s marketing plan. This can be a lot more than  Read more ›

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Why Facebook hasn’t paid enough for WhatsApp?

For anyone who thinks Facebook paid too much for WhatsApp, I beg to differ. Here are the reasons why Facebook underpaid for its latest acquisition. 1. Mobile phones are the new social platforms During Web 2.0, only Facebook had your  Read more ›

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