Boostopia's Pay Per Click (PPC)

A great PPC campaigns is worth the cost.

Any Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign requires constant research, testing and evaluation, as well as considerable PPC campaign management in order to provide the greatest return on investment (ROI). At Boostopia you decide how much you want to spend and we will make the most of your investment through our Pay Per Click services. Using professional PPC services and Pay Per Click campaign management allows you to take advantage of our expertise at an affordable price.

Boostopia's PPC Management Can Help You:
  • Reduce your cost - per - click
  • Protect your brand
  • Raise your quality score
  • Target your local market
  • Produce more qualified leads for less money
Boostopia's PPC Services Include:
  • A dedicated pay-per-click consultant for PPC campaign management
  • Extensive keyword research
  • Competitive research
  • Account set-up and PPC campaign management
  • Analysis of titles, meta descriptions, and landing pages for each keyword.
  • Assistance with multiple ad networks: Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc.
  • On-going monitoring & optimization

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Boostopia's PPC Evaluation Services:

If you've been in the PPC advertising game for a while and want an expert opinion of your strategy and success, get a PPC Evaluation as part of the PPC service from Boostopia that will:

  • Create an overview of your current status
  • Evaluate your keyword targeting
  • Provide keyword research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Ad content review & optimization
  • Analytics reports with expert assessment
  • Actionable recommendations for your PPC management

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What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a type of Internet marketing in which marketers only pay for traffic they receive. PPC services are specifically geared towards search engines and advertising network websites where businesses pay an agreed upon amount each time a user "clicks" on their advertisement. When using PPC services for search engines, advertisers select keywords and keyword groups for which they want their advertisements to show up in the results for those keyword groups.

Why PPC?

A PPC campaign offers more control over results than organic SEO. With effective Pay Per Click management, you have the ability to compete relatively quickly for phrases that will take much more time using organic SEO or link building. While a new website takes a lot of time to rank well in the SERPs, solid Pay Per Click campaign management can create traffic almost instantly. Of course, the more competitive your keywords are, the more expensive the campaign may be.

PPC can be a substantial lead generation investment for any business and the Pay Per Click campaign management needs to be handled with expert insight and a professional PPC service. When done well, pay per click advertising campaign management can easily become a full time job. However, if a campaign is not monitored and optimized regularly or if PPC management is not ongoing, customers, opportunities and money will be lost.

PPC with Boostopia

A well planned, well executed PPC campaign can provide a business with significant targeted traffic. As part of our PPC campaign management, Boostopia pay-per-click consulting takes into account your daily budget and will help you choose keywords with the most profitable conversion rates. Our pay per click service will help your ads stand out, so users want to click on them, instead of your competitors.

We manage PPC campaigns and run our PPC services with painstaking attention to detail. The pay per click consultants who are in charge of Pay Per Click management will keep continual watch over your campaign progress, looking for areas of opportunity and improvement to the Pay Per Click services you have chosen. The moment we see a chance to lower your costs or increase your conversions, our Pay Per Click management consultants will alert you and act on it.

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